We began working with farmers struggling to grow crops in harsh climates in 1998 in Zimbabwe. Since then we've been to the Andes mountains in Venezuela and villages in Haiti, and the problems are never alike.

In Venezuela, use of dangerous chemicals was beginning to take its toll. We held soil seminars and taught farmers how to naturally increase production and decrease loss to insects. In Haiti, there are few local sources of potable water, and the soil has been overloaded with salt from flooding. In addition, Haiti is only now beginning to recover from the devastating earthquake of 2010.
We felt led to make a 7-year commitment to the village of Hatte Cotin, Haiti, to revive the soil and teach farmers to use natural means for growing crops. But clearing land by hand and burying irrigation pipes is a very strenuous and time-consuming activity.

Starting at the ground level, we just finished installing an electric pump and generator in January. Now we must focus on repairing the soil and increasing crop yield in safe and natural ways. It is our duty to be good stewards of the resources God has put within our reach.
In addition to the crops, our goal is to provide one meal per day for each of the 200 children in the village. The total cost is only $100 per day. That's only 50¢ per child!

This is not something we can do alone. If you can make a donation of time or resources, we will be that much closer to meeting the need of the people of Haiti.

Thank you,

Gorden & Shirley Montgomery Farming God's Way Ministries
If you believe in the mission that we are on and would like to help, please contact us. Donations are also welcome via paypal.