We work in agriculture areas in different countries helping farmers & teaching them how to understand God's creation and how to be good stewards of their land, improving their soil and using less chemicals, therefore opening the door to present the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We organize teams of 4-15 people to go to other countries (Venezuela & Haiti at present) to do this work, holding educational conferences with the farmers in large groups and also talk with farmers on their own farms. We work with the local churches and do Bible studies with the people
in the area. We do construction work on their churches and schools, and work on providing clean water for drinking and crop irrigation for the villages.

We are currently working in the rural village of Hatte Cotin, Haiti, on a church & school construction (damaged in earthquake). We have seen a tremendous need for agriculture training here. The farmers there have been trying to grow crops to feed their families and supply the country, but because of high input cost, they can't make it productive or profitable, so there is a lot of farm ground not being used.
We feel the Lord has led us to this village to teach them how to farm God's way. We will teach them how to do small family plots and raised beds, rotation crops, irrigation plots, as well as new crops for them to try, and raising chickens for food and using manure for composting for the soil.

Gorden & Shirley Montgomery Farming God's Way Ministries
If you believe in the mission that we are on and would like to help, please contact us. Donations are also welcome via paypal. Thank you.